Elbie The Elf

Elbie the elf, new recruit

on staff for the guy in the suit

his wagons rolled smoothly, his flutes were so groovy

and his dollys were cuter then cute

Shubert had been there much longer

and was known as the featured toy monger

Only his was the way, either that or the sleigh!

The techniques that weren’t his were the wronger

Soon the elves started murmurs of treason

It’s not like Shubert owned the whole season

soon their pups had more bark, and their days were less dark

and the frozen tundra seemed less freezin’

Shubert bellowed upon such a sight

toys looked great but they didn’t look “right”

but the elves were so proud that they said it out loud

and poor Schubert was ready to fight

Just then the kind Mrs. stepped in

“What’s creating this terrible din?

There are cookies to bake and new suits I must make.”

She said with a genuine grin

Shubert started to weave a sad tale

of how all his designs had been jailed

“They think shinier and redder means newer and better”

He said with a long sad exhale

Mrs. C looked at both of the toys

and drew up new plans for the boys

“Now make these instead and quit losing your head

I really can’t take all that noise!”

Both Elves were now represented

And though Shubert still softly lamented

The toys were soon done, they were sturdy and fun

and all elves filled with pride when presented

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