Raised on a diet of dominance

The largest steak goes to the king

He’d always been promised a prominence

and a woman demure to the ring


All his life his fist, plated in iron

With nary a doubt of his power

Those who dared challenge subject to his burn

Submission with simply a glower


Yet the world is in full metamorphosis

Many know this to always be true

Many cannot embrace an amorphousness

Unprepared for the change that ensues


So he clings to a now cobwebbed effigy

Perplexed by the stripping of titles

And the new ways push him into lethargy

‘Til he fills with an anger unbridled


His town becomes foreign and follied

Gone now is his unearned respect

He could once speak his mind and be jolly

Now he’s unsure of what to expect


A fear starts to spread through his bloodstream

And greed booms in pandering voices

His upbringing now callous and extreme

He’s lost propriety in all choices


He feels that his life’s being stolen

Or at least that he faces great peril

Slowly parted with what was beholden

His great wisdom now forced to be sterile


So he sets out to find his dominion

To find him a like-minded setting

He’s soothed by familiar opinion

He’s done with remorse or regretting


Now stands an unwavering army

Fearful they’ll be soon cast aside

That no matter how fabled or smarmy

They only will stand with their pride


No compassion will get past their guns

Only of their own freedom they’ll sing

And their conflict will never be done

For in democracy they should be king


Crawling leaves upon the sidewalk

As my jacket thwarts the chill

And the quiet task of shedding

Things that no longer fulfill


It’s a final act of glory

For the joys we felt in spring

Proof that there’s still beauty

In the loss that time can bring


As we wait for the renewal

Another chance for us to try

Connotations of forgiveness

In the breezes blowing by


As the trees disrobe before us

Unafraid to bear their skin

We’re reminded that an ending

Is what helps some things begin

A Haiku or two

Today the wind blows

like a small child learning to walk

colliding gently


A cardinal lands

peering at me through the window

Red feathers in sun



I have written my whole life. Stories, essays, songs and more recently poems. I wrote a few story poems for my kids and they loved them. I started writing more regularly so I started a blog where I could share with more people. It served its purpose well but I wanted to make something easier to find and more personalized. So here we are.

Most of the material will be new, but I am going to post some oldies just to give you an idea of what my writing is like. There will also be photos that I take, mostly of nature stuff. There is a link to listen to my music if you’re interested. All my new works will be posted here. I hope you can find something you enjoy on this site, feel free to comment or share with friends. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!


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