I have written my whole life. Stories, essays, songs and more recently poems. I wrote a few story poems for my kids and they loved them. I started writing more regularly so I started a blog where I could share with more people. It served its purpose well but I wanted to make something easier to find and more personalized. So here we are.

Most of the material will be new, but I am going to post some oldies just to give you an idea of what my writing is like. There will also be photos that I take, mostly of nature stuff. There is a link to listen to my music if you’re interested. All my new works will be posted here. I hope you can find something you enjoy on this site, feel free to comment or share with friends. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!


Featured post


I am faithless

And lacking all substance

No promise of tomorrow

No promise of justice


I dig in deep

Just to destroy

Devoid of cause

Devoid of joy


I’m cracked and healed

And cracked again

Stiff with anger

A taut stretched skin


Labored breath

And eyes shut tight

The urge to run

The urge to fight



Upon the wound

To swell the pain

Into a swoon


The grimaced smile

The swallowed words

The truth is there

But seldom heard

Growing Up

Below I go meandering

With a glacial stride

Some fear this place of darkness

But it’s where I go to hide


The monsters left so long ago

So I can be alone

Once youth is lost you come to know

The monsters are your clone


For angry you, and bitter you

And you plagued with regrets

For haughty you and jealous you

What growing up begets


But as the candles multiply

There is an integration

You can no longer court denial

With this clever separation


In this place now monsterless

there only stands a mirror

Tis’ not cursed or enchanted

but reality much clearer



Those Who Are Left

A hand within a hand
The fingers interlaced
A redness rings the eyes
Her pain wails from her face

Her eyes stay mostly closed
Furtively seeking escape
But a life beneath the lids
Flashes what can’t be replaced

Yet at its normal clip
The world still moves along
Despite the torn horizon
Even breathing feels so wrong

Indeed the sufferings ended
For one who least deserved it
And now the pain will set upon
Those left here to endure it


Again my sleep has all been slept

Though tired in my head is kept

My eyes will close, my dreams will start

But my slumber soon then falls apart


First a tickle, then an itch

The comfort of my side will switch

My legs then move without my help

A crying bird, a phantom yelp


A shiver turns into a sweat

But still with yawns I’m racked and met

I’m growing tired of this fight

My dreams shall come but not tonight


Up there on the highest rung

Nearly at the top

You stumbled and then slowly fell

So sure you’d never stop


The laughter over took the gasps

Sprung from pure relief

But the expression on your face

Cast from the purest grief


You chose then not to climb again

Though it was what you wanted

Instead you slunk off deep with shame

To live forlorn and haunted


But now, today you’ve come again

With wisdom in your eyes

Your foot upon the bottom rung

With naught to do but rise

A Societal Heresy

A future detained

A future shot down

A future that lies

bleeding out on the ground


A hope led astray

A hope overdosed

Another hope lost

But damn it was close


A dream fallen ill

A dream that succumbs

A dream without capital

So it ne’er becomes


Potential suspected

Potential a thug

Potential was surely

Armed or on drugs


The future is lost

A hope cast away

A dream an oblation

When potential’s betrayed

Sentimental Sunday: Poems for a Bad Day Filled with Bad People

First a Haiku:

An enlightened mind
Seeks ways to conquer its foes
Softly with kindness

Now onto the poems:

Just as day is ending
Each one of us begins
Reliving cringeful moments
Kicking ourselves in

So this is my day
How could it be worse
I’ll not dwell upon it
Tempting its thirst

Finding yourself
Ugly within
Can be healed with service
Kindness can win

Clever kinds of people
Universally understand
Not to sacrifice their sleep
To the obstinate and bland

Truth be told
What can we be
Attacking only


If you don’t believe in magic

Then why give such weight to their words

As if it’s some ancient enchantment

As if blight could now be heard


Just some symbols that we’ve rendered

And arranged in nice, neat rows

Words hold the power you give them

So it’s your choice how far that goes


But voices sometimes can be raucous

Or possess a certain smoothness

So just be sure of what they’re saying

And be sure that they can prove it


As the talking heads blabber

O’er the freshest cadavers

With fingers all pointing away


They churn out excuses

For heinous abuses

Who will be the scapegoat today


They submit all their answers

Like impeccable dancers

Coming down to a resounding “Not me”


Why is it just here

Is so riddled with fear

When we have the least reason to be


Be it a man

With nefarious plans

Or the ease with which he gets a weapon


We must drive for solutions

With fierce resolution

Or we might as well say that we let them


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