I have written my whole life. Stories, essays, songs and more recently poems. I wrote a few story poems for my kids and they loved them. I started writing more regularly so I started a blog where I could share with more people. It served its purpose well but I wanted to make something easier to find and more personalized. So here we are.

Most of the material will be new, but I am going to post some oldies just to give you an idea of what my writing is like. There will also be photos that I take, mostly of nature stuff. There is a link to listen to my music if you’re interested. All my new works will be posted here. I hope you can find something you enjoy on this site, feel free to comment or share with friends. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!


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In a Mirror, in a Bathroom, in a Bar

Just another face

Inside the spotted glass


Hazy with smeared kisses

From beautiful women

An unwashed commingling of strong bonds

And stifled pain resurfacing


If you are ever here

It is wise to bring someone

to tell you how beautiful you are

For the honesty of such a place

With its chipped edges and grime

Will make the scars rise and the tears threaten


Punctuated by the sizzling, flickering light

Reminding us

this is what we are left with

Now choose your favorite bit of scrawled wisdom

And go

For the next look is always the hardest



Come through the falling veil

And rest below my eaves

Let’s watch the puddles ripple

And track the gutter sailing leaves


Let’s each find our own rhythm

Within the driving rain

Then play them for each other

And see if they’re the same


Let’s watch the drops of water

Burst upon the street

Then rejoin one another

Where the sloping crossroads meet


Let’s find a drop to fall with

And dare to take the dive

Let’s dance within its sheets

And like the blossoms, be revived


You are the craggy crustacean

Upon the silken sand

Waiting to squeeze with your vices


You are the lone splinter in a rich wood

Hoping to snag the most tender parts

To pierce and linger

To drive deeper with your pain


You are the invisible rock in my comfiest shoe

Making my confident gait

A wretched hobble


You are the smudge on my glasses

Narrowing my view

Blurring my hopeful horizon


You are the drip of sweat down my back

A squirm inducing sensation

Waiting to leave your squalid stain


You are one word too many

A devastating crash

Rendering kindness an insincerity


You are good intentions spoken from ignorant mouths

Adept at both annihilation and blissful oblivion

Patting yourself on the back before crowds of fallen faces


You are ruin

As Am I

My magic is quiet yet powerful

Always living beneath the surface

Though I have since forgotten the incantation

Its shimmer plainly seen

Clearly felt

Encroaching unexpectedly

Suddenly you are warmed by it

tossed about in its swells

Afraid and excited

Comfort within calamity

Its mystique to be feared

And honored

Its enchantment is endless

as am I


Perhaps I sit too long in my desires

Like a warm afternoon in the sun that twinges my skin for days after,

Like devouring sweet juicy oranges until my throat burns from the stinging citrus,

Like reading one more page before bed and stoking my anticipation

Until hours and chapters have flown by rendering my book read and my sleep meager.

But the force of my blood as it races through me is intoxicating and much safer the a

Souped up car on a city street,

The thudding of my heart is much sweeter music then all those awkward conversations

That tend to ring in my head,

And the dreams that smouldering energy can foster

Far outweigh the dark and anxious terrors of a typical night.

Perhaps I sit too long in my desires

But what can one expect from a girl raised on fairytales

Rounded Edges

It was then I realized

I wanted seawalls

And sandbags

While you wished for the torrent

To wash you away

Just for the chance to make a new you



You had no idea how deeply I felt

I had no idea I had hidden it from you

I chose to feel your cruelty rather than my guilt

For somewhere deep inside

I knew the next wave would wash it away


The hard edges would become dreamy sea glass

The muted jewels of the sea

The carelessness of man

Made beautiful

With friction and time

Worn down in the waves

So a clear view of the world couldn’t hurt us any longer


Each wave thunders upon the shore

To sync up our hearts to its rhythm

To spare us the rampant drumming

We force upon ourselves

By falling in love

The Spirit of Dreams

I am haunted
my imagination a spectre
ever clinging
Each scenario I dream
A conquest
A treacherous mountain
yet unmastered
and oh how that yearning spirit
begs me to climb


The density of moments

The kind marked with gasps

Or hard swallows

Those that sink you into the earth

Or tear a gaping hole into reality

The light of the present

A distant dot

As you fumble along

Dark disorienting walls

The jagged wounds

Of realization

Breathing through smoke

Hearing through water

Even tears won’t come

Until the present returns

Searing, blinding

An apocalypse of personal proportions

That make the world seem a synthetic cover-up

A foreign wasteland

Sucked dry of its beauty

As if dashed upon rocks

Seemingly impossible to rebuild

with the scant shards left

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