Subtle Shade

Clad in catastrophe

Drenched in distress

Soaking with somber

Regally repressed


Boisterously broken

Addictive adulation

Morbidly magnificent

Lurid lamentation


Perpetually plagued

Winsome within wallowing

Entropically engaged

Fanatic in their following


Gargantuanly grieving

Tyrannically trite

Violently vapid

Naturally, at night


A feral form of fantasy

A strength n’er seen before

Wild with wanting, willfully

This being comes for more


Crushing calm creatively

Like reading through your weakness

Baffled by its blasphemy

Enamored by its sleekness


A victim voluntarily

For it is n’er resisted

Allure allows amenity

That’s just how it’s persisted


Enveloped in entirety

For it looms each place you look

Patronized by piety

As it sweetly sinks its hooks

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