His laugh is a calliope

Composing purest joy

His eyes can look inside of me

With lashes long and coy


Redemption sits within his arms

And washes like a tide

I cannot claim his ruthless charm

But I can’t help feel the pride


A simple understanding shines

from his eyes upon the world

A wisdom heralded, enshrined

a boisterous love unfurled


I try to heed his teachings

fearlessly he claims his friends

Through smiling, laughing, reaching

and his willingness to bend


A Societal Heresy

A future detained

A future shot down

A future that lies

bleeding out on the ground


A hope led astray

A hope overdosed

Another hope lost

But damn it was close


A dream fallen ill

A dream that succumbs

A dream without capital

So it ne’er becomes


Potential suspected

Potential a thug

Potential was surely

Armed or on drugs


The future is lost

A hope cast away

A dream an oblation

When potential’s betrayed

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