I believed your deep words and deeper heart

The soft looks that stoked that most primal passion

You spoke like centuries

Disarmed my sentries

A story encased in archaic amber

That I was slowly starting to remember

But lost it was unto the ages and rages of the modern

Outmoded, outlandish and ultimately outfoxed

But the box I keep of memories

Still holds that pulled thread

From when we first met

Yet no needle that could repair it and

I am left with only what unravelling begets


In Confidence


There is a whisper

Under the layers of nature

Or life


It has traveled so far

And is nearly lost

But I’ve heard it


Weaving itself so tight

To my ear

Up against the drum

And yet

It remains a whisper


Its soothing syllables

Reach inside

Like missing parts


The inflection of my soul

The round sounds of wholeness


I am awakened

From the terrible dream

That you have gone


With only closed eyes

And fingertips

He etches my face

Upon the windows glass


I stare from it

As if seeing something precious

A deep delight in the eyes

A sly grin ready to burst

With teeth


The brows are sensually relaxed

With a confidence

A knowing


My hair cascades just so

Around my face

Feigning a shyness


However my beaming cheeks

Betray the soft tendrils

Two tight apples

of unhidden joy


As he turns to me

Opening his eyes

His near sighing exhale

Dissolves into a smile

That forms like a reflex


I feel my face fall

Into formation

With his creation

When our eyes meet

Endless Victory

The arched neck and veined throat

Burst with his cry

Before he could let it


The face thrown into rapture

The energy

Of tightened muscles and movement


A love made


In gasps and comingled sweat

A euphoric rhythm

An ancient song unlocked

To pour from within us

Each with our own tone

To blend into one ethereal note


One skin

One heartbeat

Endless victory

The Hoards of Us

Such a compelling derangement of ourselves

Can live in the minds of others


One who seems nameless

Sanctified within the cleansing of recollection

Or sometimes, the darkest ash


One to conquer

One to suffer


The heavy hand

that hammers the brow

Or the face rendered unrecognizable

By the trauma it wears


Much like a shriek being of elation

Or pain

And hard to differentiate


Yet we can be both of these

None of these

Or lost entirely in countless minds

Becoming a mere extra

In the dreams of strangers

Unforgotten yet unrecognizable


How cleverly we have fumbled

Across this plain of time

Digging our ruts and counting stars

Seeking the things we have always carried

Speaking the words we most want to hear

Claiming fulfillment when we lack

Changing our minds instead of our actions when we fail

Scorning those who pop with color

Rather than blending with our favorite hues

Seeking love by sight instead of by touch

Keeping all we find to ourselves

Even though it will not save us

We claim divine guidance

But insert human words

We built our own towers to reach heaven

But this time

We tore them down with our own bare hands

Love’s Resonance

There’ s a warm arm that awaits

To sling just so around my shoulder

A brazen love that steeps in patience

A daring heart to disarm me

Without fear

Only love

That answers what I ask

And honestly so

That forgets its shame in my presence

and strips me of mine

That contentedly lies with me

sighing in the harmonic tones

that match sound of my soul


The convincing minds we have

So desperate to believe

what we have decided we are certain of,

Like scalding our tongues on our morning coffee

to hurry wakeful moments,

Finding patterns in our sacred texts

to make peace with preventable atrocities

Forcing our lives to be alike

while proclaiming our uniqueness,


Our emotions play accomplice in this,

For if you love someone enough

You can heal them

fix them

make them love you back

Not realizing that you hold all the love meant for the both of you

And give it all to them anyway

You have renamed this luggage hope

And painted it red

for love

for danger

for blood


That people are integrally good

as long as your doors are locked

And your gun is loaded


Minds are conflicted by fear

but rarely our own

That story you read of a woman raped

as a crowd watched

and did nothing

Reminds you of the time a homeless man

knocked on your car window

Asking for a dollar

You see, we all suffer


I am hopeless within it

folded and creased

reformed by its oragamic sway


Suddenly I am art


revealing a delicate grace

once hidden in my vast corners


Organically I am changed

by its skillful hands

it knows which edges belong together

which pieces to tuck away


I am guided to take form

as a masterpiece

Refashioned into something

original, intricate, impossible

but for its mastery

In a Mirror, in a Bathroom, in a Bar

Just another face

Inside the spotted glass


Hazy with smeared kisses

From beautiful women

An unwashed commingling of strong bonds

And stifled pain resurfacing


If you are ever here

It is wise to bring someone

to tell you how beautiful you are

For the honesty of such a place

With its chipped edges and grime

Will make the scars rise and the tears threaten


Punctuated by the sizzling, flickering light

Reminding us

this is what we are left with

Now choose your favorite bit of scrawled wisdom

And go

For the next look is always the hardest


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