Lay down your tongue

Wield it no longer

Your flurry of words

Will make us no stronger


Hearts are at stake

Souls have freshly fled

And only they speak

For the broken and dead


Listen just once

Without forming rebuttals

Just short days ago

They hid and they scuttled


Allow them their tears

Honor their pain

And maybe this time

It won’t happen again

What Will

Blown free of the world

Through trauma and pain

We still walk upon it

But it isn’t the same


Tears lock your doors

sadness pulls your shades

You randomly fracture

Alone and afraid



Like a ship with no gale

Just drifting and portless

Now time seems a burden

And each day a fortress


An impenetrable life

For which you have no use

The meaning is gone

The anguish profuse


Yet one day you’ll rise

And though shuddering still

Your mind leaves what was

And rejoins what will

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