A feral form of fantasy

A strength n’er seen before

Wild with wanting, willfully

This being comes for more


Crushing calm creatively

Like reading through your weakness

Baffled by its blasphemy

Enamored by its sleekness


A victim voluntarily

For it is n’er resisted

Allure allows amenity

That’s just how it’s persisted


Enveloped in entirety

For it looms each place you look

Patronized by piety

As it sweetly sinks its hooks


I can feel each jagged tooth

Sinking slowly in

A warmth that gushes, pools, and drips

And sates the hellish din


One thousand voices form its voice

And shriek each sound it makes

And I suppose I am the next

cacophony it takes


Its skin so taught against the bone

‘Tis a marvel in its movement

‘Twas at this moment death and daring

Formed something congruent


The sword that wore one thousand points

Thrust deeply in its gut

I ripped and tore and bathed in it

Until its eyes were shut


So there we lay encompassed by

My final quest toward night

A blasphemy, a hero

And her thousand pointed blight

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