Sleepless Dreams

The cracks are filled with daylight

The curtains are no match

I feel the fatigue upon me

But the sleep won’t seem to catch


I’m dreaming now, eyes open

A story unsurpassed

But if I find my slumber

I’m not sure it could last


So now within a struggle

‘Twixt dreams and precious sleep

My eyes grow ever heavy

And I hope my dream will keep


Again my sleep has all been slept

Though tired in my head is kept

My eyes will close, my dreams will start

But my slumber soon then falls apart


First a tickle, then an itch

The comfort of my side will switch

My legs then move without my help

A crying bird, a phantom yelp


A shiver turns into a sweat

But still with yawns I’m racked and met

I’m growing tired of this fight

My dreams shall come but not tonight

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