When the aching gets to be too much

When you’re folded, frayed and fraught

You sift through the streams of passion

For that spark that never caught

You carefully devise a plan

To see that it ignites

But once the flicker fizzles out

You are plunged back into night

Blind again to all that sits

Well within your reach

You see it as a tragedy

And lose what it could teach

You’re better than a waiting game

You’re worth more than a tumble

You carefully reset your traps

And straight into them stumble


As I lay in bed

Succumbing to slumber

My mind dwells on you

With passion and wonder


The kisses you gave me

Smouldering on

Though your saccharine lips

Have now come and gone


The patterns you traced

With your gentle fingers

Remain as sensations

That so sweetly linger


A worship of sorts

For my imperfect skin

That could find the divinity

Cloaked within the sin


The safety I felt

Enclosed in your arms

Carries me still

to points further on


Past the shadowy days

Where I once existed

A place where self loathing

Had always persisted


Though you’ve gone away

I cannot lament

I hold gratitude

For the time that we spent


So much I learned

In so brief a time

How I could become yours

But instead became mine

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