Perhaps I sit too long in my desires

Like a warm afternoon in the sun that twinges my skin for days after,

Like devouring sweet juicy oranges until my throat burns from the stinging citrus,

Like reading one more page before bed and stoking my anticipation

Until hours and chapters have flown by rendering my book read and my sleep meager.

But the force of my blood as it races through me is intoxicating and much safer the a

Souped up car on a city street,

The thudding of my heart is much sweeter music then all those awkward conversations

That tend to ring in my head,

And the dreams that smouldering energy can foster

Far outweigh the dark and anxious terrors of a typical night.

Perhaps I sit too long in my desires

But what can one expect from a girl raised on fairytales


Regrettably I must inform you

I cannot go on

My faculties are scrambled

my mind is far and wan


My fantasies are blending

into my conscious brain

When focus is penultimate

my mind is still free range


So I must keep my distance

and drive you from my thoughts

Before you there were thoughts

too precious to be bought


So please be gone temptation

I have a life to live

One that couldn’t e’er progress

with what I’ve left to give

Embers to Ashes

And it sits in me still

That wanting

Sometimes thrilling but more often


And my head tends to throb

From the thinking

And my heart flutters still

As it’s sinking

I beg myself to stop

The madness

To stop picturing life like

I had this

When the thoughts are

Unfailingly seeping

I still glow in the embers

I’m keeping

That Glorious Strand

That dark strand, that glorious strand that stuck wet to his forehead, underlined by eyebrows and almondine eyes. Brown like earth or the dark wood from an ancient tree all leading to the cave of his pupils. There was safety there, or danger. How could I know and why should I care when his regal nose fit so perfectly on his face.

The bow on his lips collected his natural dew. I watched it pool then drip as if to spare his tender lips. As if even the drops of his running sweat felt unworthy to touch them.

When he smiled, his whole face did and everything within me that could flutter, gurgle, bubble, or twist did, and all at the same time.

I handed him his ball back knowing my face was a flushed as his with only this wave of emotion to blame. With a nod he was gone and it was then that I finally exhaled.


Your energy

It enters me

And resonates for days


A passing thought

Becomes onslaught

My body set ablaze


But what is meant

By this lament

These thoughts of you incited


My energy

Is spent from me

For something unrequited

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