His laugh is a calliope

Composing purest joy

His eyes can look inside of me

With lashes long and coy


Redemption sits within his arms

And washes like a tide

I cannot claim his ruthless charm

But I can’t help feel the pride


A simple understanding shines

from his eyes upon the world

A wisdom heralded, enshrined

a boisterous love unfurled


I try to heed his teachings

fearlessly he claims his friends

Through smiling, laughing, reaching

and his willingness to bend


Happy Place

One day you may still conquer

And lounge within your keep

But today you’re just a bed

For a child who’s gone to sleep


You could make the products

That no one can live without

But today you search for patience

When your little tyrant pouts


You could find the cure

For the deadliest disease

But today you struggle to keep up

While walking on your knees


Your focus on the dividends

Will quickly be diverted

When almost every moment

Is a crisis you’ve averted


For the magic of a giggle

And the sunshine of a face

Or a little grasping hand

Will become your happy place

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