We have wept and we have cheered

sometimes within a day

We have been greatly endeared

sometimes to misled ways

We have stood so very tall

feeling only like an inch

We become ever enthralled

with things that prod and pinch

We rely on all our senses

to guide us through this world

Yet we mount such strict defenses

when surprises are unfurled

We seek a quiet numbness

Navigating where we delve

Yet this calculated dumbness

cannot save us from ourselves


While still in the vapors

Of the hypnagogic

Not yet tied down

To the realness of logic

Untethered from life

For a few sacred minutes

When the chains of the day

Do not yet have us in it

The place where we try to

Remember our dreams

Knowing full well we can not

Discern what they mean

For the rock and the soil

Will claim us too fast

And the stars stay above

Our most frustrated grasp

As the vapor secedes

We cling to the shards

And try to extract

Realities barbs

But alas we submit

To its horrible grasp

And wait in our numbness

For a reason to gasp

Favorite Song

Oh the grand swell that enters my heart

When the song now arrives at my most favorite part

That moment of magic, conviction I feel

Though the voice of a stranger the connection is real

The goosebumps arrive, I am racked with a shiver

‘Cause I feel the message they were called to deliver

An emotion I needed that had gotten away

The thing that I had always wanted to say

There is a wholeness to be felt, to be found

When my heart and my mind give in to the sound

Floating; Finding

As my mind flails in a desperate tide

I am compelled to climb inside

Unable just to take the ride

And find out where it goes

I churn the oars with clear intent

And do so ‘til my strength is spent

Discovering where I have went

Has betrayed where points my toes

Now backwards lost and inside out

My brain begins a raucous shout

My face now forced into a pout

When I realize where we are

This cavern that I long to pass

The part of life that holds a class

That ever growing threatening mass

The wisdom gained from scars

Yet in this place so filled with fright

So resemblant of our darkest night

There is a twinkling tiny light

That I have never seen

Now the crowding darkness does abate

As the twinkle seems to propagate

A clarity that has had to wait

To arrive upon the scene

As I prayed for omens, visions, signs

As I searched for answers all this time

As I blamed the powers up to divine

The true foe here was me

The stagnancy that has persisted

The result of what I had resisted

The insight that always existed

Was plain, profound, and free

And as I finally dared to look

There was education without books

Pulled out without the bite of hooks

As the tide washed out again

The dark now fled the space at last

The light burned through the waste so fast

The clarity came like a repast

To fulfill what lacked within. 


The gnarled and naked limb

Reaching for its sun

Within its graying fingers

The string, woven and spun

A joy from warmer days

Also hoping for the stars

Trapped within this wooden grasp

Leaving chafed and aging scars

Its urge to float diminished

But still aloft, it dreams

A strong wind still brings hope

But alas it always clings

Perhaps the knots will loosen

And one day the string shall fly

Or perhaps it twists forever

Grateful for its piece of sky

Unheeded Lessons

With shards of dreams

to gouge my eyes

The blaring sun

does fiercely rise

The squawking birds

chide at my pane

Cracking my crown

like a scolding cane

A groan escapes

as my stomach churns

You would think by now

I might have learned

Morning Window

Swaying blades to trace the wind

Clearing all the soot and sin

Shafts of light to feed the green

Giant trees that creak and lean

Grousing birds and groaning wood

as life proceeds just as it should

Once I Slept Like A Stone

His kiss felt like Arthur

Freeing the sword

Or the sea spilling forth

To fill in the fjord

A flowing, a gushing

A wave tall and tidal

A wild blooded stallion

Cut loose of it’s bridle


And through me the feeling

Spread with its heat

My head swam and swooned

‘Til the surge was complete

The color returned

To my once graying vision

His love moved in me

With the sweetest precision


The once mottled skin

That houses my scars

Is now filled in gold

And shines like the stars

A value that slept

Was now reawakened

Thanks to his kiss

My slumber was shaken


How could my mouth come forth with such words

These millions of phrases we’ve all of us heard

As if we could capture the sun within syllables

But I guess one man’s anchor is another’s dirigible


Flight is subjective when blood plays a part

The flapping of wings can sound just like a heart

And the air raising altitude requires some motion

To accomplish the churning of a well winded ocean


So batten your hatches and raise up your sails

And decide here and now what it means to prevail

Adept navigation to cut through the tide

Or willingly, wanting to be swept o’er the side


Love has a meaning to any and all

To some it’s like rising, to some it’s a fall

But with wings or with bruises we still forge ahead

For a life without love, we just were not bred


The pregnant air within a room

Of something there that lurks and looms

A sandy mouth, a mounting pulse

A presence felt, like creeping ghosts

The rigid eyes, transfixed in moments

The tension in compounding quotients

To stop your breath and burst your heart

’til finally the curtains part

Reality now has reshaped

The once bound mouths now spring agape

And whether you next cheer or cry

In part you’ll miss the thrill gone by

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