Floating; Finding

As my mind flails in a desperate tide

I am compelled to climb inside

Unable just to take the ride

And find out where it goes

I churn the oars with clear intent

And do so ‘til my strength is spent

Discovering where I have went

Has betrayed where points my toes

Now backwards lost and inside out

My brain begins a raucous shout

My face now forced into a pout

When I realize where we are

This cavern that I long to pass

The part of life that holds a class

That ever growing threatening mass

The wisdom gained from scars

Yet in this place so filled with fright

So resemblant of our darkest night

There is a twinkling tiny light

That I have never seen

Now the crowding darkness does abate

As the twinkle seems to propagate

A clarity that has had to wait

To arrive upon the scene

As I prayed for omens, visions, signs

As I searched for answers all this time

As I blamed the powers up to divine

The true foe here was me

The stagnancy that has persisted

The result of what I had resisted

The insight that always existed

Was plain, profound, and free

And as I finally dared to look

There was education without books

Pulled out without the bite of hooks

As the tide washed out again

The dark now fled the space at last

The light burned through the waste so fast

The clarity came like a repast

To fulfill what lacked within. 


The yawn of spring awakening has nearly reached its peak now

scampering squirrels and birds of all colors

Even the cabbage white butterflies have returned

my favorite souls coming by to say hello

The sublimity of purpose in action

The fluidity of flights and fights

a game of survival carried out in warm grass and light breezes

It all seems so easy and effortless in the bright light of a spring morning

The songs and calls of life make harrying cacophonies


that for some are an acquired taste

For me it dredges up ancient ideas

of gentle suns and ancestral promises of life renewing

Soon it will feel as though we have stepped into the fiery sun itself,

sweating and reddening and recalling these peaceful and promising days.

Ringing out from within us

like the birds song or the sun’s fire

we will remember that promise of renewal

And keep going


A credentialed man with a reasoned plan is easiest to follow

But what to do when his words come through and are difficult to swallow

Do you tow the line cause the rest is fine or cry for insurrection

Do you simply coat a now threatened throat with the sweetest of confections


Will the forming shoals deep within your soul still allow a good night’s sleep

Will you make a stand put a direct hand to ensure your oaths will keep

Will the tales you told of the streets of gold become a mocking farce

Will you hide in sight taken with the fright that your statements may be parsed


Just what does it take to admit mistakes when a thing has gone awry

When you’re faced with facts it feels like attacks so therefore you must deny

Can you still locate why you still fixate does it uphold your intentions

Does your leaders cunning guarantee a shunning if you speak about dissention


You have lost your mind in a search to find the most comforting of logic

You refuse to bend as the world’s ways wend and your rendered hypnagogic

You perceive just phases and you cling to phrases that preserve your way of life

So you march along to the blaring song of a tarnished broken fife

Learning the Hard Way

As deep a slice can go

Without nicking the bone

Gestating old emotions

I thought I had outgrown


So comical the turn

I’ve naught to do but laugh

Always trudging forth

On so elliptical a path


I know not who I am

I know not what I know

A pattern deeply rutted

So upward I must go


Can’t say I haven’t learned

The message all too clear

Now it’s time to ascertain

If I’m really here


A pregnant bud

Poised so to burst

To feel the sun

Its role rehearsed

Within its essence

Lives the will

But leaves of green

Occlude it still

The petals push

Against their walls

Aching to spread

Destiny calls

But what comes after


All those thoughts

Cause hesitation

But if n’er she shows

Her silken suit

She’ll not have borne

The sweetest fruit


Lay down your tongue

Wield it no longer

Your flurry of words

Will make us no stronger


Hearts are at stake

Souls have freshly fled

And only they speak

For the broken and dead


Listen just once

Without forming rebuttals

Just short days ago

They hid and they scuttled


Allow them their tears

Honor their pain

And maybe this time

It won’t happen again

Crumbling Structures

Enclosed within the crinoline

A history of stiffness

The two toned color palette

Making up the public’s litmus


An acidic strife for freedom

According to so many

Better to stay alkaline

And live a life aplenty


A life of cooking, sewing, cleaning

Made complete with rearing

Nevermind the mind inside

The beatings they were fearing


Stiffened skirts and morals

The tautest upper lips

Shame a common weapon

With which all seemed well equipped


The wanton search for passion

At the cost of their good standing

While weakness and submission

Were the status quo’s demanding


And still today the litmus stands

Though nowadays seems subtle

Once stiffened tongues now bravely loose

Resound in their rebuttal

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