Within his mouth I put my worth

Within his eyes my beauty

Though the burden was unknown

He still fulfilled his duty


The smallest favor he would pay

Became my only light

For it could coat like sunshine

And keep me up at night


The slightest of disparagements

Could crack my thickest crust

Disabling my heart for days

Upending all I trust


I yearn to think that in these throes

A lesson yet was gained

But in times of failing confidence

I still adduce his name

Colloquial Parochial

This is a credible chronology
Dissecting this most sacred of phrenology
Too late to issue an apology
Hope it will be filtered through a study of nephrology

Some say I’ve always been pessimistic
But I don’t know how they figure the logistics
It’s mostly self-inflicted sadistics
Always asking the same questions from the mystics

What have i been put here to fulfill
What truth have I been destined to spill
Is there a demon I’ve been sent here to kill
Cause the more I ponder the less I can chill

So I go on with my daily practice
Trying to jostle the world of its axis
But my nerves shut me down like anaphylaxis
So I guess I’ll keep hanging on the edge of avarice

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