A Chronicle of Exultance

Adorned I am

By your gaze

Proof of my existence

I am not mere memories

Convinced they still live

I am a chain reaction

Each eye met, a purpose

Each shaken hand,

A creator and a creation

An ingredient that adds

Fragrance and flavor

Another mind aching

to know the answers

Another heart seeking

Its song

A body that moves

By sight or action


progressing through time


eons in the making

Coming true

before my eyes


A pregnant bud

Poised so to burst

To feel the sun

Its role rehearsed

Within its essence

Lives the will

But leaves of green

Occlude it still

The petals push

Against their walls

Aching to spread

Destiny calls

But what comes after


All those thoughts

Cause hesitation

But if n’er she shows

Her silken suit

She’ll not have borne

The sweetest fruit


A sharing of blood between us

A sharing of cells and skin and breath

A likeness in each one of us

To each one of us

We spread like oil in water

But still end up in clumps


We are all seeking something

Even if it’s just another day

Exactly like this one


We don’t want to be beautiful

As much as treasured

We don’t want to be bold

As much as heard


We don’t need to feel free

To live

But freedom

Is one of the great things to live for


And love

Blues With No Refrain

Ground to gravel

Cut to ribbons

I unravel

Just by livin’


Hard streets pounding

through my shoes

All compounding

My constant blues



Sidewalk puddles

In incandescence

The stars are scuttled


The skyline looms

set to devour

Nothing blooms

at ungodly hours



by a patch of grass


in broken glass


Shabby tinsel

still frames the lights

So with hope and pencil

I start to write




Calling Upon Friends

I beckon the sunshine to crawl within

To brighten the dark and burn the sin

To bring the glow back to my skin

And warm all those I see


I beckon the wind to lift my feet

To carry those fragrances so sweet

To gust against the pain I’ll meet

And carry it from me


I beckon the rain to fall, to pour

To wash out the dirt within my core

To muddy the roads I’ve taken before

So I can change direction


I beckon the words to form my thoughts

To clear the debris and heal the rot

To tell of the treasures that can’t be bought

To find my next inception

National Poetry Month 2016

Back in 2016 I really wanted to write a poem everyday to honor one of my favorite art forms. I actually managed to do it! I posted them on my old blog in 5 parts but I’ve decided to post them all here. You can read one per day or just binge read them all whatever you prefer and check back often for new poetry!

April 1st:

You need not vibrant lips

to speak of vibrant things

Just something in your heart

that makes it want to sing


April 2nd:

When days are dreary it’s hard to see

the joy your life can manifest

So close your eyes and listen for

The dream your heart wants to confess


April 3rd:

A face that’s lined with destinations

Past and yet to come

Lined with joy and consternation

That have and shall be done


April 4th:

Now that spring has donned her crown

And kissed our heavy brow

We shall take our steps through awakened worlds

And conquer them somehow


April 5th:

His smile somehow made the sadness disappear

and blossom with intense pain

at the same time


April 6th:

Sleep prevents my thoughts

And thoughts prevent my sleep

What a time to recollect

the secrets that I keep


April 7th:

The teeth that grit

That jaw that sets

A heart forgives

But ne’er forgets


April 8th:

A day that holds unbridled joy

An end that makes beginnings

There’s finally time to rest your mind

And celebrate your winnings


April 9th:

When you are crying for one you miss

Be sure to count your tears

Let each recall a moment of joy

You felt when they were near


April 10th:

If bending down to touch your toes

Is something you can’t fathom

At least be thankful of the fact

That you even have them


April 11th:

When taking in a wonder

Our eyes are very clever

They blink so we’re reminded

That nothing lasts forever


April 12th:

His love is bigger than my sorrow

His joy is bigger than my pain

His laughter is a voice that bellows

Love’s most perfect of its refrains


April 13th:

I don’t always find it easy

To come up with a verse

But I know if I didn’t

My life would be much worse


To see my  pain on paper

Made up of all these letters

Gives lightness to the hurting

And makes me feel much better


April 14th:

When they finally see you

And the way that you shine

They’ll know of a wonder

That none can define


April 15th:

I realize this statement

Will just seem like conjecture

But I bet the fur of unicorns

Is the most sublime of textures


April 16th:

When the need to fly embraces you

When a passion burns within

Unleash it with tenacity

To scare away life’s din


April 17th:

Worries that hide in the deepest recesses

Snowballing forth with the smallest of stresses

You, their creator hath nothing to fear

For ‘tis you that accepts that the worry sleeps here


April 18th:

“I can’t stop now”

Oh yes you can

Or better still

I’ll lend a hand


April 19th:

Each day I am grateful

For those select figures

Who have crossed my horizon

And made it much bigger


April 20th:

She laughed

because she didn’t know just what else she could do

She smiled

because the pain she felt was so profoundly true


April 21st:

Your smile is in a dialect

That only you’ve created

But luckily it is the phrase

most easily translated


April 22nd:

Sometimes art flows like the seas

Destroying what the past had built

It runs you through with joy and pain

Until your heart can feel the hilt


April 23rd:

Yesterday is not worth chasing

That piece of time’s expired

Instead find what will make today

Feel equally inspired


April 24th:

What grounded the fair butterfly

No gentle breeze in spring?

Alas though winds were plentiful

She’d forgotten she had wings


April 25th:

The azure of evening

Brings comfort and cool

And the stars blink to life

In an e’re deepening pool


April 26th:

Keep skipping down the sidewalks

Keep dancing in the street

Your love for life is moving

so much more than your feet


April 27th:

My muscular memory

Recalls still the motions

Of flying in dreams

Across endless oceans


April 28th:

When one tends to vociferate

They care not which ears shatter

Alas the message they proclaim

Is akin to so much clatter


April 29th:

My eyes on the horizon

I’m sinking with the sun

but the moon comes to remind me

my day is far from done


April 30th:

Don’t forfeit your whimsy

keep singing your song

for someday the world

may be singing along

Programming Update

Hello everyone! First of all thank you for all of you who come and read my poems. I really appreciate every single one of you and I hope you have been enjoying the poetry I have been posting.

Since this blog began I have been posting daily though Sundays (or sometimes Saturdays) I would post an oldie. I have started a couple of projects involving writing and will let you know more when I can but this added work  requires that I post less often. I’m very sorry I can’t keep up the daily posting and hope to return to it soon.  I find it especially tragic that this has all converged during National Poetry month so I will be posting a collection today of all the poems I wrote another year to celebrate.

Thank You again for your support, and if you like, sign up for email alerts, Follow My Twitter or Facebook page or just check back from time to time for new stuff. The links for everything are in the header on the home page and Happy Poetry Month Everyone!


Raised on a diet of dominance

The largest steak goes to the king

He’d always been promised a prominence

and a woman demure to the ring


All his life his fist, plated in iron

With nary a doubt of his power

Those who dared challenge subject to his burn

Submission with simply a glower


Yet the world is in full metamorphosis

Many know this to always be true

Many cannot embrace an amorphousness

Unprepared for the change that ensues


So he clings to a now cobwebbed effigy

Perplexed by the stripping of titles

And the new ways push him into lethargy

‘Til he fills with an anger unbridled


His town becomes foreign and follied

Gone now is his unearned respect

He could once speak his mind and be jolly

Now he’s unsure of what to expect


A fear starts to spread through his bloodstream

And greed booms in pandering voices

His upbringing now callous and extreme

He’s lost propriety in all choices


He feels that his life’s being stolen

Or at least that he faces great peril

Slowly parted with what was beholden

His great wisdom now forced to be sterile


So he sets out to find his dominion

To find him a like-minded setting

He’s soothed by familiar opinion

He’s done with remorse or regretting


Now stands an unwavering army

Fearful they’ll be soon cast aside

That no matter how fabled or smarmy

They only will stand with their pride


No compassion will get past their guns

Only of their own freedom they’ll sing

And their conflict will never be done

For in democracy they should be king

True to Life

A sliced sun rises in the forest

exhumeing monsters from the dark

Skittering and flapping from their hiding places

The wind tousles the bed of leaves surrounding me

Blowing a cool kiss to make the suns warmth

Even more cozy

My uncertain feet unearth forgotten limbs

Allowing them a brief chance to reach skyward once more

The life and death of nature is visible, undeniable

Its bones and skin crack crisply beneath my feet

My feet disappear amongst them at times to remind me

That gone is not forgotten

The small green faces rising from their husks seem to shine

With the same gleam as the sunrise

All is not lost, not yet any way

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