Even sparkling eyes, in the dark, won’t shine but the stars reflect so brilliantly

And her broken parts shed a single tear that she wipes away resiliently

The sound of breath drawing through her teeth punctuates her burden

An evolution from her swooning sighs but she was more demure then

Now she faces you wearing question marks on an unexpectant face

There’s a pack of thoughts swarming in your mind, none of which are worth the chase

So you focus in on her smirking lips as full of spite as pout

And you pull the cork from your bottled soul and finally let it out


Implied realities

Never tethered

Dimensions seen

In dreams I’ve weathered

Gargantuan worlds

On floating feathers


How cleverly we have fumbled

Across this plain of time

Digging our ruts and counting stars

Seeking the things we have always carried

Speaking the words we most want to hear

Claiming fulfillment when we lack

Changing our minds instead of our actions when we fail

Scorning those who pop with color

Rather than blending with our favorite hues

Seeking love by sight instead of by touch

Keeping all we find to ourselves

Even though it will not save us

We claim divine guidance

But insert human words

We built our own towers to reach heaven

But this time

We tore them down with our own bare hands


Love had always been a dressing

She could wear upon her sleeve

Never asking her to open

Never leaving her to grieve


Yet when his eyes bored deep within in her

She now seemed to have no choice

She could feel its waves inside her

He could hear it in her voice


Now as they stood still and staring

Yearning as they never had

All they were was being offered

Two should finally unclad

Love’s Resonance

There’ s a warm arm that awaits

To sling just so around my shoulder

A brazen love that steeps in patience

A daring heart to disarm me

Without fear

Only love

That answers what I ask

And honestly so

That forgets its shame in my presence

and strips me of mine

That contentedly lies with me

sighing in the harmonic tones

that match sound of my soul


A stream of light

Through a door ajar

It pushes in

Though not too far


An eerie glow

To charge the dark

To shroud its bite

And swell its bark


A terror now

Is fostered here

The tingling touches

The blackness leers


Something lurks

Poised to pounce

As your fear festers

Ounce by ounce


The still of night

Chills so within

Each subtle noise

A frightful din


Cocooned in bedding

Devoid of sight

With a thundering heart

You endure the night


The convincing minds we have

So desperate to believe

what we have decided we are certain of,

Like scalding our tongues on our morning coffee

to hurry wakeful moments,

Finding patterns in our sacred texts

to make peace with preventable atrocities

Forcing our lives to be alike

while proclaiming our uniqueness,


Our emotions play accomplice in this,

For if you love someone enough

You can heal them

fix them

make them love you back

Not realizing that you hold all the love meant for the both of you

And give it all to them anyway

You have renamed this luggage hope

And painted it red

for love

for danger

for blood


That people are integrally good

as long as your doors are locked

And your gun is loaded


Minds are conflicted by fear

but rarely our own

That story you read of a woman raped

as a crowd watched

and did nothing

Reminds you of the time a homeless man

knocked on your car window

Asking for a dollar

You see, we all suffer


What could have been

Shall never be

Yet still it has

its grip on me


What should have happened

Never did

And parts of me

Still to it bid


What may or may not

Come to pass

Was never really

meant to last


Yet what shall be

Before me lies

And keeps the stars

Within my eyes

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