The gnarled and naked limb

Reaching for its sun

Within its graying fingers

The string, woven and spun

A joy from warmer days

Also hoping for the stars

Trapped within this wooden grasp

Leaving chafed and aging scars

Its urge to float diminished

But still aloft, it dreams

A strong wind still brings hope

But alas it always clings

Perhaps the knots will loosen

And one day the string shall fly

Or perhaps it twists forever

Grateful for its piece of sky


I saw you unleashed, unbridled, unfettered

And ne’er have I seen a single thing better

Wholly awakened the light clung to you

Each moment engulfed and lived through and through

The drawing of breath, each blink of your eyes

Cherished with knowing there was no reprise

Each joy celebrated, each tear wept with pride

Fresh snow or a sunset, not once swept aside

You smiled and you loved through each gifted day

With grace and with gratitude lighting your way

Unheeded Lessons

With shards of dreams

to gouge my eyes

The blaring sun

does fiercely rise

The squawking birds

chide at my pane

Cracking my crown

like a scolding cane

A groan escapes

as my stomach churns

You would think by now

I might have learned

Morning Window

Swaying blades to trace the wind

Clearing all the soot and sin

Shafts of light to feed the green

Giant trees that creak and lean

Grousing birds and groaning wood

as life proceeds just as it should

Once I Slept Like A Stone

His kiss felt like Arthur

Freeing the sword

Or the sea spilling forth

To fill in the fjord

A flowing, a gushing

A wave tall and tidal

A wild blooded stallion

Cut loose of it’s bridle


And through me the feeling

Spread with its heat

My head swam and swooned

‘Til the surge was complete

The color returned

To my once graying vision

His love moved in me

With the sweetest precision


The once mottled skin

That houses my scars

Is now filled in gold

And shines like the stars

A value that slept

Was now reawakened

Thanks to his kiss

My slumber was shaken


How could my mouth come forth with such words

These millions of phrases we’ve all of us heard

As if we could capture the sun within syllables

But I guess one man’s anchor is another’s dirigible


Flight is subjective when blood plays a part

The flapping of wings can sound just like a heart

And the air raising altitude requires some motion

To accomplish the churning of a well winded ocean


So batten your hatches and raise up your sails

And decide here and now what it means to prevail

Adept navigation to cut through the tide

Or willingly, wanting to be swept o’er the side


Love has a meaning to any and all

To some it’s like rising, to some it’s a fall

But with wings or with bruises we still forge ahead

For a life without love, we just were not bred


The pregnant air within a room

Of something there that lurks and looms

A sandy mouth, a mounting pulse

A presence felt, like creeping ghosts

The rigid eyes, transfixed in moments

The tension in compounding quotients

To stop your breath and burst your heart

’til finally the curtains part

Reality now has reshaped

The once bound mouths now spring agape

And whether you next cheer or cry

In part you’ll miss the thrill gone by


I believed your deep words and deeper heart

The soft looks that stoked that most primal passion

You spoke like centuries

Disarmed my sentries

A story encased in archaic amber

That I was slowly starting to remember

But lost it was unto the ages and rages of the modern

Outmoded, outlandish and ultimately outfoxed

But the box I keep of memories

Still holds that pulled thread

From when we first met

Yet no needle that could repair it and

I am left with only what unravelling begets



The quaver some would savor

playing out upon your lips

The words I’ve often heard

always near and well equipped

The sheen that can be seen

in your slowly welling eyes

A voice that shakes or softly breaks

as it treads ‘tween wails and cries

My heart once wrenched within your clench

for the tears you freely spread

But I’m not sure I can endure

forgiving you again

In Confidence


There is a whisper

Under the layers of nature

Or life


It has traveled so far

And is nearly lost

But I’ve heard it


Weaving itself so tight

To my ear

Up against the drum

And yet

It remains a whisper


Its soothing syllables

Reach inside

Like missing parts


The inflection of my soul

The round sounds of wholeness


I am awakened

From the terrible dream

That you have gone

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