Francis the Duck or the Lesson of the Flakiest End

Francis the duck was so ruffled

After the most unpleasant scuffle

He was eating some bread

But along waddled Ted

And then began quite the kerfuffle


The offering came from dear Lynn

Whom Francis considered a friend

She brought crumbs from the bakery

Not that grocery store fakery

And Ted snatched the flakiest end


Francis postured like never before

And flapped madly at Ted, the big boor!

But Ted had his winnings

And set off to swimming

Swiftly to the opposite shore


Francis set off in pursuit

Determined to reclaim his loot

But Ted swam with ease

And escaped ‘neath the trees

Into a small shelter of roots


Francis finally reached the place

And at this point devoid of his grace

He quacked rather loudly

And waddled in proudly

But what he saw slackened his pace


There sat Ted next to Trix

And around them were 8 little chicks

Fluffy and yellow

Such cute little fellows

This was much more than Fran could predict


Ted and Trix shared what he brought

“Trix must be famished!” Fran thought

Francis felt bad

That he’d gotten so mad

That his anger had been overwrought


When Lynn came again with a treat

Francis wanted naught but to eat

He thought of his friends

Struggling to meet ends

And shared so all could be replete

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