The Prying

I see the subtle movement

In the corners of your mouth

if you’re not very careful

A mumble may spill out


I’ve been prying now for hours

Or at least for 5 whole minutes

But it’s terribly one-sided

I’m not sure you’re even in it


A nod if you could call it that

Escaped you once or twice

And then at last a grunt emits

Now see wasn’t that nice?


I know you thought that sitting here

Would keep you well occluded

But I’m one of those annoying types

Who insists are all included


Don’t get me wrong if you shut down

I’ll quickly say goodbye

But if you leave the door ajar

I’ll try and try and try


I don’t leave people all alone

‘Cause they don’t know where to start

I’d rather talk until I’m blue

Than to see you feel apart


So I’ll dig into my crazy facts

And my poor attempts at comedy

Jut to draw you in and pull you out

And create a little harmony

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