The Parts of Me

Touch my head my love

It swims with worry and unmet potential

Yet still grows the most beautiful dreams


Touch my lips my love

They are stained with the words I regret having said

Yet still smile at the beauty in the world


Touch my cheeks my love

They are so often wet with tears,they have adapted to sponges

Yet still turn red at the slightest compliment


Touch my neck my love

It is often rigid with stress and worry

Yet still shivers at the trace of fingers


Touch my arms my love

They are carrying a load they never expected, straining beneath

Yet still accepts the load of others


Touch my stomach my love

It is full of knots from even the smallest daily interactions

Yet still yearns for the flapping of butterflies


Touch my back my love

It is cast starkly with the shadows of my past

Yet still loves the fresh air upon it


Touch my legs my love

They are always wanting to run to better things but never fail to buckle instead

Yet they still stand strongly in the face of danger


Touch me with forgiveness and adeptness

Touch me with understanding and desire

Touch me with your whole heart

And we can be boundless

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