Cruel winds now toss me

so randomly I fly

Now my world has lost me

and barely blinked an eye


Amidst the gales I tumble

My memories now grow thin

And still my stomach rumbles

for all I could have been


The veins that once had fed me

are growing hard and brittle

I once wore proud my envy

but the remnants left are little


All has been released now

My purpose, shine, and grip

I guess that time is just how

I started on this trip


The calm within my stasis

made me believe in safety

but I cannot escape this

I have stopped trying lately


The things I can see from here

have frightened and surprised me

As I travel, pushing through fear

The currents hypnotize me


I shuddered in the gusty wind

where I once spent all my nights

and free is how my time will end

as I succumb in flight

12 Hundred Hours

That smile of coy wanting

Envelops me again within your essence

A climbing inner warmth

To ease away all that is not you


The spilled ink of rapture

To blot out all but us

To lock our eyes

And urge sweet giggles

Like the trickling drops

of an overflowing fountain


Each move we make

Clinging to the other’s

Like a shadow

And we are that


Always connected

Longing to rejoin within the perfect light


The slight brush of a cheek

The widening, trusting pupil

It’s too late to recoil

The shields I’ve built are futile


A calm within each breath

That passes through their lips

A journey could be started

With each and every kiss


To say that I’m enamored

Would not even start

To tell of the true magnitude

Their energy imparts


Only dreams now could imagine

How our colors swirl and blend

And the galaxy created

By the spangled path we wend

Distinguishable Marks

Admit it you think of me

From time to time

When yelling at traffic

Or thinking of rhymes


There is no denying

I leave an impression

Sometimes with wise words

Sometimes rampant obsession


It’s so very subtle

The ways I can stick

Like a touching song lyric

Or a bludgeoning brick


I’m much like a velvet

Often very soothing

But when rubbed the wrong way

You may be left brooding


I am rather imperfect

But also a gas

If you want to match wills

You’d better think fast


You may try to discard me

Or leave me behind

But much to your dismay

I’ll still creep in your mind


Whether our time was sweet

Or a time you regret

The fact still remains

You will never forget

Sentimental Sunday: Dad

My very first hero is lost to me
My protector, debater, and friend
My guide on how good music could be
With a vast choice of genres to blend

A professor of punctuality
That being on time showed you care
A pinnacle of functionality
When you wore uniforms and short hair

I’ll remember you so well respected
And loved but the many who knew you
So many good times we collected
I’m not ready for them to be through

The Four Teachers

I was cruelly stung by a bitter wind

When my gloves were lost and my cover thin

I was soaked like soil that had turned to mud

By a whipping rain verging on a flood


I was coated thick by an earthen clay

On a walk meant to improve my day

I was singed and scorched by a licking flame

And a shifting log was the one to blame


Yet a blowing wind once did clear my mind

With its warm caress I was left sublime

And the succulence of a warm spring shower

Washed my sins from me and restored my power


Then a rich dark soil on my digging hands

Reconnected me made me understand

And a glowing fire gently lit my way

Still allowing stars to proclaim their say


Elements can teach what we need to learn

About giving in to get what is earned

About being sure we are victims still

If we pass the blame and forget our will


That the strongest souls can weaken yet

And each moment lived stays a moment met

Every element can a mercy give

To remind us what it means to live

Endless Victory

The arched neck and veined throat

Burst with his cry

Before he could let it


The face thrown into rapture

The energy

Of tightened muscles and movement


A love made


In gasps and comingled sweat

A euphoric rhythm

An ancient song unlocked

To pour from within us

Each with our own tone

To blend into one ethereal note


One skin

One heartbeat

Endless victory

The Hoards of Us

Such a compelling derangement of ourselves

Can live in the minds of others


One who seems nameless

Sanctified within the cleansing of recollection

Or sometimes, the darkest ash


One to conquer

One to suffer


The heavy hand

that hammers the brow

Or the face rendered unrecognizable

By the trauma it wears


Much like a shriek being of elation

Or pain

And hard to differentiate


Yet we can be both of these

None of these

Or lost entirely in countless minds

Becoming a mere extra

In the dreams of strangers

Unforgotten yet unrecognizable


One scale to balance all

The good against the bad

When our laughter was contagious

When we knew not what we had


Then we sank into a darkness

Swallowed up within our strife

When our muscles lost the memories

Of the exercise of life


But the veil again was lifted

By a sneaking sort of joy

Once again we smiled at rainbows

And our grumbles became coy


Then time again has ambled

And again the clouds turn dark

But instead you fight decension

You reject somber and stark


As your life swirls on around you

And the years are swift and mounting

You cling tighter to the good times

For the bad are not worth counting


The moments that we dwell upon

For many, far too late

While the bad can pile around us

It’s the good that holds the weight

Lost Puppy

With the slightest of smiles you’re defenseless

Disarmed by the blushing flirtation

You wonder where from they’ve arrived

To fill your heart with such elation

Steel yourself now if you can

For the edge is approaching quite fast

If you let yourself sail just beyond it

The hold of it’s destined to last

It’s the feeling of tumbling onto the grass

After spinning about in the clover

Of laughing and dancing so freely

You don’t hear the song is now over

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