Black Leaders, Movements, and Persons of Note

This is only the beginning and focuses more on the historical icons of the fight for equality in America currently. I will continue to build this list and bring in more current examples. If you have suggestions for additions please leave them in the comments


Medgar Evers:


Myrlie Evers-Williams:


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:


Coretta Scott King:


Malcolm X:


Rosa Parks:


James Baldwin:


Angela Davis:


Fred Hampton:


Victoria Gray Adams:


Thurgood Marshall:


Endesha Ida Mae Holland-


Muhammad Ali:


Fannie Lou Hamer:


Harry Belafonte:


Langston Hughes:


Bob Moses:




James Forman:


Deacons for Defense and Justice:


Robert F Williams:




Huey P. Newton:


Bobby Seale:


Black Panthers:


Bayard Rustin:


Ella Baker:


The Underground Railroad:,the%20cause%20of%20the%20escapees.


Harriet Tubman:




Frederick Douglass:


Freedom Riders:,ruled%20that%20segregated%20public%20buses


Sojourner Truth:


Ida B Wells

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