Here are various charities that will not only help the protests but also the communities most impacted by racial injustice. If you have any suggestions for additions please leave a comment.


Black Lives Matter:




Know your Rights Camp:


Color of Change:


Black Movement Law Project:


Black Voters Matter:


Survived and Punished:


Black Journalism Fund:


Equal Justice Initiative:


Black Emotional and Mental Health Reform:


Fair Fight:


Transgender Gender-Variant and Intersex Justice Project:




Campaign Zero:


Reclaim The Block:


Community Justice Exchange:


Act Blue Bail Funds for Protesters:


Communities United Against Police Brutality:


Fayette Village:


Historical Evidence of Black Oppression in American History

This list is not in chronological order nor is it anywhere near complete, as I continue to learn I will add to this list. Please leave comments on events you think should be included.


The Beginning of Slavery:


Slavery in the United States:


Fugitive Slave act of 1850:


The Civil War:


Tulsa Massacre:




The Green book:


Segregation in schools:


Jim Crow Laws:,blacks%20during%20the%20Reconstruction%20period.


Tuskegee Syphilis experiment:


Attacks against African- American churches:


Confederate Monuments:


Black Suffrage:




Seneca Village:


Wilmington Insurrection/Massacre:


Rosewood Massacre:


East St. Louis Riots:


Red Summer:


Selma to Montgomery Marches:


Elaine Massacre:

Black Leaders, Movements, and Persons of Note

This is only the beginning and focuses more on the historical icons of the fight for equality in America currently. I will continue to build this list and bring in more current examples. If you have suggestions for additions please leave them in the comments


Medgar Evers:


Myrlie Evers-Williams:


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:


Coretta Scott King:


Malcolm X:


Rosa Parks:


James Baldwin:


Angela Davis:


Fred Hampton:


Victoria Gray Adams:


Thurgood Marshall:


Endesha Ida Mae Holland-


Muhammad Ali:


Fannie Lou Hamer:


Harry Belafonte:


Langston Hughes:


Bob Moses:




James Forman:


Deacons for Defense and Justice:


Robert F Williams:




Huey P. Newton:


Bobby Seale:


Black Panthers:


Bayard Rustin:


Ella Baker:


The Underground Railroad:,the%20cause%20of%20the%20escapees.


Harriet Tubman:




Frederick Douglass:


Freedom Riders:,ruled%20that%20segregated%20public%20buses


Sojourner Truth:


Ida B Wells


The bursting mouths of truth

That douse the puzzled brows

Sealed throughout their suffering

But no more can allow


And as the words escape

To you it sounds of screams

For you never needed bravery

To speak about your dreams


Of you they were expected

Solicited in fact

But never would its burden

Be thrust upon your back


The spoils excavated

From blood and perspiration

As your pockets bulged

As your cruelty held your station


Even once the bells presented

Ringing out in freedom

You tried with might for years

To ensure no one  could see them


Now that a subtle glint

Has blossomed to a shine

You mournfully lament the days

That all was naught but thine


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