The yawn of spring awakening has nearly reached its peak now

scampering squirrels and birds of all colors

Even the cabbage white butterflies have returned

my favorite souls coming by to say hello

The sublimity of purpose in action

The fluidity of flights and fights

a game of survival carried out in warm grass and light breezes

It all seems so easy and effortless in the bright light of a spring morning

The songs and calls of life make harrying cacophonies


that for some are an acquired taste

For me it dredges up ancient ideas

of gentle suns and ancestral promises of life renewing

Soon it will feel as though we have stepped into the fiery sun itself,

sweating and reddening and recalling these peaceful and promising days.

Ringing out from within us

like the birds song or the sun’s fire

we will remember that promise of renewal

And keep going

The Four Teachers

I was cruelly stung by a bitter wind

When my gloves were lost and my cover thin

I was soaked like soil that had turned to mud

By a whipping rain verging on a flood


I was coated thick by an earthen clay

On a walk meant to improve my day

I was singed and scorched by a licking flame

And a shifting log was the one to blame


Yet a blowing wind once did clear my mind

With its warm caress I was left sublime

And the succulence of a warm spring shower

Washed my sins from me and restored my power


Then a rich dark soil on my digging hands

Reconnected me made me understand

And a glowing fire gently lit my way

Still allowing stars to proclaim their say


Elements can teach what we need to learn

About giving in to get what is earned

About being sure we are victims still

If we pass the blame and forget our will


That the strongest souls can weaken yet

And each moment lived stays a moment met

Every element can a mercy give

To remind us what it means to live


One scale to balance all

The good against the bad

When our laughter was contagious

When we knew not what we had


Then we sank into a darkness

Swallowed up within our strife

When our muscles lost the memories

Of the exercise of life


But the veil again was lifted

By a sneaking sort of joy

Once again we smiled at rainbows

And our grumbles became coy


Then time again has ambled

And again the clouds turn dark

But instead you fight decension

You reject somber and stark


As your life swirls on around you

And the years are swift and mounting

You cling tighter to the good times

For the bad are not worth counting


The moments that we dwell upon

For many, far too late

While the bad can pile around us

It’s the good that holds the weight


When the aching gets to be too much

When you’re folded, frayed and fraught

You sift through the streams of passion

For that spark that never caught

You carefully devise a plan

To see that it ignites

But once the flicker fizzles out

You are plunged back into night

Blind again to all that sits

Well within your reach

You see it as a tragedy

And lose what it could teach

You’re better than a waiting game

You’re worth more than a tumble

You carefully reset your traps

And straight into them stumble

Living in Secret

We walk each living day

With self imposed occlusions

To conceal the parts of us

Wearing scars from life’s contusions

Battered on the inside

Smiling on the out

We long to be ourselves

But to our secrets we’re devout



All that I was missing

Was color light and heat

The distance that was growing

Filled with anger and defeat


A vivid devastation

Of the being that was us

Alas I was too far removed

To fight or even fuss


We both had felt the grit of it

Pass between our fingers

A granule or two to leave

An itch that seemed to linger


When all the words were spoken

Once and twice and yet again

With inflections first of kindness

Then a weapon to defend


No matter how we clung to it

Kismet still would take us

We swore to never say goodbye

But life was bound to make us


How cleverly we have fumbled

Across this plain of time

Digging our ruts and counting stars

Seeking the things we have always carried

Speaking the words we most want to hear

Claiming fulfillment when we lack

Changing our minds instead of our actions when we fail

Scorning those who pop with color

Rather than blending with our favorite hues

Seeking love by sight instead of by touch

Keeping all we find to ourselves

Even though it will not save us

We claim divine guidance

But insert human words

We built our own towers to reach heaven

But this time

We tore them down with our own bare hands


What could have been

Shall never be

Yet still it has

its grip on me


What should have happened

Never did

And parts of me

Still to it bid


What may or may not

Come to pass

Was never really

meant to last


Yet what shall be

Before me lies

And keeps the stars

Within my eyes

Learning the Hard Way

As deep a slice can go

Without nicking the bone

Gestating old emotions

I thought I had outgrown


So comical the turn

I’ve naught to do but laugh

Always trudging forth

On so elliptical a path


I know not who I am

I know not what I know

A pattern deeply rutted

So upward I must go


Can’t say I haven’t learned

The message all too clear

Now it’s time to ascertain

If I’m really here

In a Mirror, in a Bathroom, in a Bar

Just another face

Inside the spotted glass


Hazy with smeared kisses

From beautiful women

An unwashed commingling of strong bonds

And stifled pain resurfacing


If you are ever here

It is wise to bring someone

to tell you how beautiful you are

For the honesty of such a place

With its chipped edges and grime

Will make the scars rise and the tears threaten


Punctuated by the sizzling, flickering light

Reminding us

this is what we are left with

Now choose your favorite bit of scrawled wisdom

And go

For the next look is always the hardest


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