A pregnant bud

Poised so to burst

To feel the sun

Its role rehearsed

Within its essence

Lives the will

But leaves of green

Occlude it still

The petals push

Against their walls

Aching to spread

Destiny calls

But what comes after


All those thoughts

Cause hesitation

But if n’er she shows

Her silken suit

She’ll not have borne

The sweetest fruit


A sharing of blood between us

A sharing of cells and skin and breath

A likeness in each one of us

To each one of us

We spread like oil in water

But still end up in clumps


We are all seeking something

Even if it’s just another day

Exactly like this one


We don’t want to be beautiful

As much as treasured

We don’t want to be bold

As much as heard


We don’t need to feel free

To live

But freedom

Is one of the great things to live for


And love

Blues With No Refrain

Ground to gravel

Cut to ribbons

I unravel

Just by livin’


Hard streets pounding

through my shoes

All compounding

My constant blues



Sidewalk puddles

In incandescence

The stars are scuttled


The skyline looms

set to devour

Nothing blooms

at ungodly hours



by a patch of grass


in broken glass


Shabby tinsel

still frames the lights

So with hope and pencil

I start to write





We reach out to the universe

Through thought or prayer or ritual

The need for explanations

Is human and habitual


Impatient to unfolding life

We harvest much too soon

as changing as the currents

’round a newly freed balloon


Suspending expectation

but trying just the same

May float us to our freedom

up above the mortal game

Growing Up

Below I go meandering

With a glacial stride

Some fear this place of darkness

But it’s where I go to hide


The monsters left so long ago

So I can be alone

Once youth is lost you come to know

The monsters are your clone


For angry you, and bitter you

And you plagued with regrets

For haughty you and jealous you

What growing up begets


But as the candles multiply

There is an integration

You can no longer court denial

With this clever separation


In this place now monsterless

there only stands a mirror

Tis’ not cursed or enchanted

but reality much clearer




As the talking heads blabber

O’er the freshest cadavers

With fingers all pointing away


They churn out excuses

For heinous abuses

Who will be the scapegoat today


They submit all their answers

Like impeccable dancers

Coming down to a resounding “Not me”


Why is it just here

Is so riddled with fear

When we have the least reason to be


Be it a man

With nefarious plans

Or the ease with which he gets a weapon


We must drive for solutions

With fierce resolution

Or we might as well say that we let them



Sometimes life will tell you

This is not what’s meant

Despite all of your efforts

And time that you have spent


So delicate a structure

That constantly it’s falling

And you don’t stop to listen

To the new voice that is calling


Or should I say old

It has always been there

You have heard it and felt it

The bore of its stare


So dip in your toe

Run it through your fingers

See how it feels

Feel how it lingers


Hear the gentle click

As it falls easily in place

A passionate renewal

To eclipse the grueling race


Heirlooms of the good old days

Bring us closer to our infancy

Though carefree and easy

Memories lack consistency


When our world was but a playground

We were fresh in our naiveté

But soon a jarring moment

Makes us see things in another way


No more do we skip about

And smile at every stranger

The Technicolor fades a bit

Once introduced to danger


It’s then that we begin our course

Of trying to return

To the days we spent in sunlight

Without seeming e’er to burn


We suffer through the cyclone

Of an unforgiving world

Hoping one day we’ll reemerge

A windswept little girl


Tread upon a hopeful path

And count your every step

It will do your soul no good

To run ‘til out of breath


Savor the soil underneath

Enjoy the things it feeds

See the wonder in the dirt

That houses what you need


Sip the stream that’s running by

The path on which you walk

Let its coolness comfort you

And notice how it talks


Seek the shade beneath the trees

And spend some moments with them

They have witnessed generations

They are ripe with wisdom


Count the flowers and the leaves

Enjoy their luscious blooms

Notice that they still will grow

wherever there is room


Remember that the sun’s a star

With its warmth and light

Its elements are inside you

And always shining bright


Own the throne you sit upon

Polish bright your crown

Spite the tongues that lash at you

By never looking down


Prize the eyes that you possess

For seeing the horizon

Enveloped in your regal robes

You’ve found your place to rise in


Fight with might the battles

Only of your choosing

The victorious in petty wars

Don’t know just what their losing


So hold your golden scepter

With wisdom before pride

For its opulence is bested

By the light you hold inside

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