Within his mouth I put my worth

Within his eyes my beauty

Though the burden was unknown

He still fulfilled his duty


The smallest favor he would pay

Became my only light

For it could coat like sunshine

And keep me up at night


The slightest of disparagements

Could crack my thickest crust

Disabling my heart for days

Upending all I trust


I yearn to think that in these throes

A lesson yet was gained

But in times of failing confidence

I still adduce his name


How could my mouth come forth with such words

These millions of phrases we’ve all of us heard

As if we could capture the sun within syllables

But I guess one man’s anchor is another’s dirigible


Flight is subjective when blood plays a part

The flapping of wings can sound just like a heart

And the air raising altitude requires some motion

To accomplish the churning of a well winded ocean


So batten your hatches and raise up your sails

And decide here and now what it means to prevail

Adept navigation to cut through the tide

Or willingly, wanting to be swept o’er the side


Love has a meaning to any and all

To some it’s like rising, to some it’s a fall

But with wings or with bruises we still forge ahead

For a life without love, we just were not bred


With only closed eyes

And fingertips

He etches my face

Upon the windows glass


I stare from it

As if seeing something precious

A deep delight in the eyes

A sly grin ready to burst

With teeth


The brows are sensually relaxed

With a confidence

A knowing


My hair cascades just so

Around my face

Feigning a shyness


However my beaming cheeks

Betray the soft tendrils

Two tight apples

of unhidden joy


As he turns to me

Opening his eyes

His near sighing exhale

Dissolves into a smile

That forms like a reflex


I feel my face fall

Into formation

With his creation

When our eyes meet

12 Hundred Hours

That smile of coy wanting

Envelops me again within your essence

A climbing inner warmth

To ease away all that is not you


The spilled ink of rapture

To blot out all but us

To lock our eyes

And urge sweet giggles

Like the trickling drops

of an overflowing fountain


Each move we make

Clinging to the other’s

Like a shadow

And we are that


Always connected

Longing to rejoin within the perfect light


The slight brush of a cheek

The widening, trusting pupil

It’s too late to recoil

The shields I’ve built are futile


A calm within each breath

That passes through their lips

A journey could be started

With each and every kiss


To say that I’m enamored

Would not even start

To tell of the true magnitude

Their energy imparts


Only dreams now could imagine

How our colors swirl and blend

And the galaxy created

By the spangled path we wend


Love had always been a dressing

She could wear upon her sleeve

Never asking her to open

Never leaving her to grieve


Yet when his eyes bored deep within in her

She now seemed to have no choice

She could feel its waves inside her

He could hear it in her voice


Now as they stood still and staring

Yearning as they never had

All they were was being offered

Two should finally unclad

Love’s Resonance

There’ s a warm arm that awaits

To sling just so around my shoulder

A brazen love that steeps in patience

A daring heart to disarm me

Without fear

Only love

That answers what I ask

And honestly so

That forgets its shame in my presence

and strips me of mine

That contentedly lies with me

sighing in the harmonic tones

that match sound of my soul

Rounded Edges

It was then I realized

I wanted seawalls

And sandbags

While you wished for the torrent

To wash you away

Just for the chance to make a new you



You had no idea how deeply I felt

I had no idea I had hidden it from you

I chose to feel your cruelty rather than my guilt

For somewhere deep inside

I knew the next wave would wash it away


The hard edges would become dreamy sea glass

The muted jewels of the sea

The carelessness of man

Made beautiful

With friction and time

Worn down in the waves

So a clear view of the world couldn’t hurt us any longer


Each wave thunders upon the shore

To sync up our hearts to its rhythm

To spare us the rampant drumming

We force upon ourselves

By falling in love

First Love

Adorned in dusty cobwebs

At home in this crevice

I know it seems unusual

Exploring now this premise


Alone with just my thoughts

No teeth to sink into me

No jelly covered fingers

Trying to poke through me


I’ve become somewhat a hermit

In this darkened cranny

I’m honestly quite comfortable

Though my nose draws near my fanny


Yet I still miss the snuggles

From her tiny wrenching arms

Twas nice to be a presence

That never did her harm


Perhaps one day she’ll find me

And we’ll embark on new adventures

And I’m sure I’ll love her always

Whether she wears pigtails or dentures


A moment, A breath

A tiny cleft

That no one e’er can touch


It’s safe, inside

My mind it hides

Because it means that much


It would seem small

To one or all

If they even remember


It’s so exact

The moment that

Your love made me surrender

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