Drawn ever so close

I empty of breath

It feels just like love

The passion, the depth


The pieces absconded

Now rest within you

But just how they got there

We both never knew


A seeming completion

To all that was absent

The whole of fulfillment

Not typical fragments


Yet with them you sauntered

Right on to the next

Leaving me as a ruin

A permanent wreck

Into Life

Cling to me  

sweet scent of you

Please help me to recall


How the feeling of you

Near to me

Means everything and all


How the world was just

a place to be

Until you brought your magic


How before your light

Would shine abroad

I steeped in all things tragic


But breath and balance

Hopes and dreams

Began to grow anew


For existence sprang forth

Into life

When I was gifted you

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