Each moment a button to sound the alarm

Each corner potential for danger and harm

Each verbal exchange potential for ruin

Each day a towel that should have been threw in


Each night full of hours replaying my day

What did I do what did I say?

Did I exile myself from all that I know

Is tomorrow a bomb just waiting to blow


What if they find out I don’t know what I’m doing

What if my next move is catastrophe brewing

How can I sleep knowing what may be coming

What gives it the power to which I’m succumbing


I cannot control it, ‘cause it controls me

I want more than anything just to be free

Not to worry or ruminate on my mistakes

Not to panic ‘til driven to sweating and shakes


No way to be clear on just what I feel

Some don’t even think these feelings are real

That they are excuses for sitting at home

That I’m lazy not that I feel trapped in a gloam


Please be patient with me, I’m trying my best

It’s so hard with this weight that lives in my chest

If I reach out just try to lend me a hand

And if I don’t, I hope that you understand

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