Here are various charities that will not only help the protests but also the communities most impacted by racial injustice. If you have any suggestions for additions please leave a comment.


Black Lives Matter:




Know your Rights Camp:


Color of Change:


Black Movement Law Project:


Black Voters Matter:


Survived and Punished:


Black Journalism Fund:


Equal Justice Initiative:


Black Emotional and Mental Health Reform:


Fair Fight:


Transgender Gender-Variant and Intersex Justice Project:




Campaign Zero:


Reclaim The Block:


Community Justice Exchange:


Act Blue Bail Funds for Protesters:


Communities United Against Police Brutality:


Fayette Village:


Historical Evidence of Black Oppression in American History

This list is not in chronological order nor is it anywhere near complete, as I continue to learn I will add to this list. Please leave comments on events you think should be included.


The Beginning of Slavery:


Slavery in the United States:


Fugitive Slave act of 1850:


The Civil War:


Tulsa Massacre:




The Green book:


Segregation in schools:


Jim Crow Laws:,blacks%20during%20the%20Reconstruction%20period.


Tuskegee Syphilis experiment:


Attacks against African- American churches:


Confederate Monuments:


Black Suffrage:




Seneca Village:


Wilmington Insurrection/Massacre:


Rosewood Massacre:


East St. Louis Riots:


Red Summer:


Selma to Montgomery Marches:


Elaine Massacre:

Black Leaders, Movements, and Persons of Note

This is only the beginning and focuses more on the historical icons of the fight for equality in America currently. I will continue to build this list and bring in more current examples. If you have suggestions for additions please leave them in the comments


Medgar Evers:


Myrlie Evers-Williams:


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:


Coretta Scott King:


Malcolm X:


Rosa Parks:


James Baldwin:


Angela Davis:


Fred Hampton:


Victoria Gray Adams:


Thurgood Marshall:


Endesha Ida Mae Holland-


Muhammad Ali:


Fannie Lou Hamer:


Harry Belafonte:


Langston Hughes:


Bob Moses:




James Forman:


Deacons for Defense and Justice:


Robert F Williams:




Huey P. Newton:


Bobby Seale:


Black Panthers:


Bayard Rustin:


Ella Baker:


The Underground Railroad:,the%20cause%20of%20the%20escapees.


Harriet Tubman:




Frederick Douglass:


Freedom Riders:,ruled%20that%20segregated%20public%20buses


Sojourner Truth:


Ida B Wells

Programming Update

Hello everyone! First of all thank you for all of you who come and read my poems. I really appreciate every single one of you and I hope you have been enjoying the poetry I have been posting.

Since this blog began I have been posting daily though Sundays (or sometimes Saturdays) I would post an oldie. I have started a couple of projects involving writing and will let you know more when I can but this added work  requires that I post less often. I’m very sorry I can’t keep up the daily posting and hope to return to it soon.  I find it especially tragic that this has all converged during National Poetry month so I will be posting a collection today of all the poems I wrote another year to celebrate.

Thank You again for your support, and if you like, sign up for email alerts, Follow My Twitter or Facebook page or just check back from time to time for new stuff. The links for everything are in the header on the home page and Happy Poetry Month Everyone!


It has a name but lets use shit

Cause i’m so tired of saying it

Everyday shits on my mind

A peaceful moment I cannot find


My world is shit, I have no choice

I speak for those without a voice

My sons know shit much more than I

Cause someday shit is how they’ll die


They’re only 10 and barely so

But someday soon with shit they’ll go

But until then shits everywhere

How they hold themselves and all that hair


I’ve lost count of  surgeries

To treat symptoms, not the disease

There is no cure for shit just yet

A fact each day I can’t forget


They do not know or just don’t care

I love their faces my smiles live there

But someday soon shit will win

And make a world I can’t live in

‘Til further notice I’ll fight with it

So say it with me, Fuck you shit!

Learn more about MPS (the disease my kids have) at


I have written my whole life. Stories, essays, songs and more recently poems. I wrote a few story poems for my kids and they loved them. I started writing more regularly so I started a blog where I could share with more people. It served its purpose well but I wanted to make something easier to find and more personalized. So here we are.

Most of the material will be new, but I am going to post some oldies just to give you an idea of what my writing is like. There will also be photos that I take, mostly of nature stuff. There is a link to listen to my music if you’re interested. All my new works will be posted here. I hope you can find something you enjoy on this site, feel free to comment or share with friends. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!


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