It has a name but lets use shit

Cause i’m so tired of saying it

Everyday shits on my mind

A peaceful moment I cannot find


My world is shit, I have no choice

I speak for those without a voice

My sons know shit much more than I

Cause someday shit is how they’ll die


They’re only 10 and barely so

But someday soon with shit they’ll go

But until then shits everywhere

How they hold themselves and all that hair


I’ve lost count of  surgeries

To treat symptoms, not the disease

There is no cure for shit just yet

A fact each day I can’t forget


They do not know or just don’t care

I love their faces my smiles live there

But someday soon shit will win

And make a world I can’t live in

‘Til further notice I’ll fight with it

So say it with me, Fuck you shit!

Learn more about MPS (the disease my kids have) at

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