A Hard Look

Many thought him a miscreant

With hair well past his shoulders

His demeanor always casual

His integrity much bolder


He possessed the musculature

Of a fighter close to winning

Yet he never seemed surprised

When pushed back to the beginning


He walked with such a calm

It betrayed his warring mind

Funny that so many feared

A man so saturnine


The deep lines laid upon him

Surely spoke of his exhaustion

Still his peaceful glide did not turn back

Those who would accost him


We’ve lost his hardened wisdom

And unprecedented patience

An ever gleaming mirror

Of the dangers of complacence

Divine Creatures

Named before

Names had existed

Forms born forth

But soul resisted


Restless stirring

In bone cages

The wrong of flesh

Imploring rages


The spirit bucks

This blood and skin

The burn of hate

The bite of sin


For goodness

Soul has been designed

But mortals

Cannot house divine

The Parts of Me

Touch my head my love

It swims with worry and unmet potential

Yet still grows the most beautiful dreams


Touch my lips my love

They are stained with the words I regret having said

Yet still smile at the beauty in the world


Touch my cheeks my love

They are so often wet with tears,they have adapted to sponges

Yet still turn red at the slightest compliment


Touch my neck my love

It is often rigid with stress and worry

Yet still shivers at the trace of fingers


Touch my arms my love

They are carrying a load they never expected, straining beneath

Yet still accepts the load of others


Touch my stomach my love

It is full of knots from even the smallest daily interactions

Yet still yearns for the flapping of butterflies


Touch my back my love

It is cast starkly with the shadows of my past

Yet still loves the fresh air upon it


Touch my legs my love

They are always wanting to run to better things but never fail to buckle instead

Yet they still stand strongly in the face of danger


Touch me with forgiveness and adeptness

Touch me with understanding and desire

Touch me with your whole heart

And we can be boundless


Many become somber

For this sanguine time of year

Be it money woes

Or mistletoes

There are many things to fear


Once the bells start jingling

And the gifts have been afforded

The baking smells

And family hells

Your mind can turn quite morbid


You plaster on a smile

And recite your season’s greetings

And the bits of joy

That do deploy

Are at best mild and fleeting


So add rum to the egg nog

And wrap those presents tight

And hope and pray

This special day

Won’t break into a fight

The Prying

I see the subtle movement

In the corners of your mouth

if you’re not very careful

A mumble may spill out


I’ve been prying now for hours

Or at least for 5 whole minutes

But it’s terribly one-sided

I’m not sure you’re even in it


A nod if you could call it that

Escaped you once or twice

And then at last a grunt emits

Now see wasn’t that nice?


I know you thought that sitting here

Would keep you well occluded

But I’m one of those annoying types

Who insists are all included


Don’t get me wrong if you shut down

I’ll quickly say goodbye

But if you leave the door ajar

I’ll try and try and try


I don’t leave people all alone

‘Cause they don’t know where to start

I’d rather talk until I’m blue

Than to see you feel apart


So I’ll dig into my crazy facts

And my poor attempts at comedy

Jut to draw you in and pull you out

And create a little harmony


A gift among men

With his prominent jaw

It’s natural that

You are stricken with awe


With arms that no chisel

Could replicate

The swoon overtakes you

It just won’t abate


His eyes seem to set fire

To your deepest parts

He’s captured your soul

He’s conquered your heart


As you stand agape

All else nearby shrinks

For now he’s your God

Or so he thinks

Once We Know

Most cannot say from a fledgling age

To what they will aspire

All forms of art from harp to page

Could spark that ceaseless fire


The greatest growth that most will know

Is when their mind is open

Then an endless distance they will go

wounded, but unbroken


A hunger, nay, voraciousness

That in itself devours

A requisite audaciousness

Can help control its power


Driven nearly mad with it

Untethered at the seams

There comes a time to dash, not sit

In this pursuit of dreams


What puzzle lives

inside your brain

And keeps you up,

your thoughts unchained


What mystery keeps

your sleep at bay

As you lie awake

carried away


A path you walked

one thousand times

And still each trek

reveals a find


What knots are tied

within your head

That stone you’ve squeezed

until it bled


Your greatest friend

but for the toil

Each restful moment

tense and spoiled


Who is that ghost

what is its name

If it resolved

then what would change

This is the Rend

Once hard work could shirk all of your worries

One job for a house and a car

Good benefits

The most modest of debts

Even pittance could get you quite far


But greed took the lead soon after

And twisted apart the old ways

Even good dividends

Won’t meet all your ends

And healthcare fades more every day


Now just wealth ensures health and a good life

despite all the effort that’s spent

still the deck keeps on stacking

against those who are lacking

and lawmakers care not who is rent





The Comfort of Whimsy

Enchanted by magic

No matter how mythical

Why must the world

Be only the physical


Reason still reigns

But also there’s dreams

A whole ‘nother world

‘Tween the crisp, sterile seams


Colors unseen

Beings unknown

The planes and the galaxies

They all call home


Perhaps it’s a beauty

We feel the world lacks

Or the narrative we need

When evil attacks


When we can’t wrap our heads

‘Round the cruelty men do

Is that sleeping within me?

That couldn’t be true


So we all slip away

To those places of whimsy

In the interest of comfort

Now matter how flimsy

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