You are the craggy crustacean

Upon the silken sand

Waiting to squeeze with your vices


You are the lone splinter in a rich wood

Hoping to snag the most tender parts

To pierce and linger

To drive deeper with your pain


You are the invisible rock in my comfiest shoe

Making my confident gait

A wretched hobble


You are the smudge on my glasses

Narrowing my view

Blurring my hopeful horizon


You are the drip of sweat down my back

A squirm inducing sensation

Waiting to leave your squalid stain


You are one word too many

A devastating crash

Rendering kindness an insincerity


You are good intentions spoken from ignorant mouths

Adept at both annihilation and blissful oblivion

Patting yourself on the back before crowds of fallen faces


You are ruin

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